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Tools that I Love

It’s always a hassle to choose a tool that works best for your business! I listed some of my favorite ones below. Select them according to your business needs, and while choosing, if you get stuck along the way, feel free to reach out to me at

Website and

Choose the service provider according to your business needs, support level of the provider, and the speed of their server.

I like Namecheap hosting providers for their excellent customer support system.

Siteground is making it to the top because of its excellent speed on the site.

Email Service

Choose the service provider according to your business needs, automation & workflows, and integrations you might need.

If you want something simpler to send monthly newsletters, promo offers, or emails to your client, Mailchimp should be one of the top priority tools of yours.

I love ConvertKit for its automation & sequences. You can nurture the relationship with your customers easily using this robust software. Get Started with it today!

Customer Relationship

Choose the custom relationship management software according to your business workflow, client onboarding & offboarding process, and tasks that you want it to handle.

Here comes my most favorite CRM tool. I’m so in love with Dubsado. It’ll make your life easier. If you’re a service-based business and have to deal with client onboarding & offboarding processes on an ongoing basis, you must give Dubsado a try!

12 Step Course Launch Checklist

12-Step Course Launch Checklist

Grab the checklist and start launching your online courses more effectively.

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