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For every exhausted service provider who is struggling to run the business...

For every exhausted service provider who is struggling to run the business...

For every exhausted service provider who is struggling to run the business...

Get Rid Of All The “TECH OVERWHELM” And Make Your Business
Run On Autopilot.

As a service provider, we have very little time to work on our “own business”.

When it comes to building a list, converting the leads to customers, and even onboarding a client and managing them – everything becomes “super overwhelming”.

What if you can make it ALL automated? 

Make Your Business Run On Autopilot

You don’t have to be a crazy tech expert or wait for weeks to make your business go smoothly…

What’s Included?

#1: Lead Capture System

Lead Magnet Funnel + Discovery Call Funnel

I’ll show you the behind-the-scenes of my tech stack and how the funnels are connected to make sure you can capture your leads very well.



Discovery Call Workflow + Proposal, Contract, And Invoicing System

Here you’ll learn how to set up your discovery call workflow pretty easily. Even you’ll get to know how simple it is to set up an automated proposal, contract, and invoicing system.



Manage Your Client Strategically

In this step, you’ll get to know the ins and outs of having a client management system, that can make your life hella easier.



Lead Nurture + Service Promo Sequence

This thing alone can speed up your automation game. I’ll show you how you can set up a lead nurture sequence along with the service promo one.

Even, I’ll help you understand how you can segment those who booked the discovery call but didn’t convert and send promo emails to them occasionally.

Let’s be honest: “redoing” everything again and again each time a new lead comes up is hella overwhelming. Specially when your business grows, you'll get very little time to focus on all these aspects.

It's not like you can't go with how you've been doing it all this while. You can even hire a VA or contractor for couple of hours to handle these adhoc tech stuff for you. It's all upto YOU.

There's only one way to get your business boom faster and that is with an Automated System! It doesn't matter if you don't have any client yet or it's your hundred times discovery call with a new lead, this course is your fastpass to making all these processes faster and easier. All the late nights, back and forth emails, buggy funnels, non-professional designs, misinterpretation over the project - It's the end of ALL.

So, for $37, you’re avoiding these unpredictable mishaps and replacing it with the relief that after you're done with setting up the system, you’ll not have to move any single finger again.. All the missing pieces will be sorted out by my behind-the-scenes and you're going to be so pumped about your business this time that it'll feel like you've been waiting for this moment forevaaahh!

And I’ll be there with you for all of it!

xx Nusrat

Make Your Business Run On Autopilot

Your FastPass for making your business automated.

Make Your Business Run On Autopilot

What’s Included?

Total Value = $188

Regular Price = $47

Today’s Price = $37


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