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“I’m so happy with the result and enjoyed working with you.”

“The sales page you created helps me get more clear on my offer! Thanks a million. I’m enjoying so much filling in my text in a delish setup! I’m so happy with the result and enjoyed working with you.
Jeanett Haagh
Feminine Intuitions Coach, Body & Voice Therapist, Clairvoyant & Healer

Jeanett asked me to build a sales funnel framework for her since her content was all in the Danish language. I’ve created the framework along with some copy prompts so she can know what to fill up in each area.

I’ve created a Sales Page, Checkout Page, and Thank You Page for her.

She really loved having the copy prompts on the sales page and she was able to convert a couple of her leads through that page really well.

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12-Step Course Launch Checklist

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