Jenna O’Keefe

Course Area Setup

“The Course Area Looks So Good. 😍😍”

“OMG, you have done such a good job! The course area looks so good. 😍😍 Thank you so much for all your support. I'd have been so lost without you.
Jenna O'Keefe
Mindset Coach

Jenna wanted to shift her Cosmically Confident Group Coaching Programme from Podia to Kajabi, and I helped her with moving them ALL.

I customized the student library area, course area, uploaded the course modules, resources, contents, and all the thumbnails provided by Jenna.

I’ve also created an offer for the course to grant the existing customers of Podia to this course in Kajabi.

Need help with building your course area?

Simply start here: schedule a call with me, and let’s talk so I can start working on your course area setup project.

12 Step Course Launch Checklist

12-Step Course Launch Checklist

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