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If you’re wondering ‘what’s my skin type?’, then this article is for you! Your skin is one-of-a-kind and multifaceted, just like YOU. And learning what your unique skin type is—and how it reacts to various factors—is key. Why? Your skin type is a fundamental piece of information that will help you achieve your most filter-unnecessary skin possible. Consider it your guiding light for a bright, beautiful complexion!

Other things that influence what type of skin you have include:

What’s Your Skin Type? – The 5 Type Of Skin

So when you are asking yourself, “What type of skin do I have?” see if you fit into one of the following five types!

1. Normal Skin

If you have what’s considered “normal” skin, you don’t have a problem with your skin being too dry or too oily. You’ll have a bright, even complexion without trying too hard.

Sure, you’ll have days where you have mysterious breakouts (hello, summer!) and others where dryness seems to take over (hello, winter!), but they aren’t your norm.

Normal skin types have even-toned skin naturally. If this is you, you won’t need much help to keep your skin balanced or hydrated, so there’s no need for harsh face washes or intensive moisturizing creams. Even after a long day, a normal skin type still has skin that looks fresh and cared-for without much effort.

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Gain insight into your skin type for your clearest complexion yet! Get ready to sparkle like there’s no tomorrow ✨


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