Which One Is Your Quiz Result?

So, are you ready to go for a new set of launch strategies for your next quarter?

It can be hard to plan out the launch in advance and figuring out which program will be the best fit for your business need and for your lifestyle.

That’s why I created this quiz so that it becomes easier for you to figure out which business model you can go with, what strategies can come alongside that, and so many moving pieces.

It’s Time To Take Action!

I’ve walked you through the different strategies for each launch type. If you’d like to dive deeper, book a strategy call with me so that we both can work together to come up with a personalized launch plan for your business.

Your Launch Type

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching Funnel will help you build a genuine connection with your audience, help them on a personal level, and impact their lives better.

You’ve got this result because you care for your client.

You want them to shine, and so you’d like to support them with a hands-on experience.

The more personalized the solution, the better result for your client.

Here are some of my suggestions to maximize your 1:1 Coaching:

Your Launch Type

Group Coaching Program

A group coaching program will help you to connect with a broader audience and mitigate their problem in a group setting.

You’ve got this result because you want to give a personal touch to your client.

The more interactive a group session, the more people get to learn from each other.

To make sure your students get the most out of the program, it’s your duty to pick a common theme and take them through a journey that they desired.

Here are some of my suggestions to maximize your Group Coaching:

Your Launch Type

Online Course

So, are you ready to build out your online course during the next quarter?

Building an online course does mean that you can both sell and provide value to your students on autopilot – you don’t have to be much involved anymore.

You’ve got this result because you like to build it once and modify it as you go.

The more automated your online course is, the more freedom you can have.

ALL you need to do is create a sales funnel and make it flow seamlessly.

Here are some of my suggestions to maximize your Online Course:

Your Launch Type


Here starts your journey to consistent income.

You’ve got this result because you love to create content regularly.

The more content you can create, the more your customers will be retained.

Your membership model should include a common theme and a variety of content that aligns with what you promised to offer.

Here are some of my suggestions to maximize your Membership:

Your Launch Type


Are you ready to bring the Mastermind/Event/Retreat model into your business for the next quarter?

A mastermind/event/retreat isn’t typical one-on-one coaching. In this type of setting, you will both give and receive advice. It’ll involve brainstorming, educational presentations, and personal discussions among members (typically 5-6 people).

You’ve got this result because you love to bring in collective results for your clients and want to level up in your business with more results + revenue.

The more engaging your group is, the better results you can bring for your clients.

You can even run an in-person mastermind/event/retreat somewhere far from the city.

Here are some of my suggestions to maximize your Mastermind/Event/Retreats:

Your Launch Type


A summit/conference is held to discuss common issues and seek solutions to problems shared by the leading experts in the industry.

You’ve got this result because you’re up for more visibility in your business.

The more networking you can do, the better your quality leads will have.

You can eventually build out your email list faster by utilizing other speakers’ audiences and can broaden your professional network through a summit/conference.

Here are some of my suggestions to maximize your Summit/Conference:

So Who Am I?

Nusrat Jahan

I’m Nusrat, a Kajabi Launch Specialist and a Certified Master Marketer.

I help tech-tired female coaches & course creators kick off sputter + stall proof – course launch in Kajabi so that you make Benji’s even in sleep.

I want you to get rid of all the “tech overwhelm” with my shining armor and will be equipping the game plan for your launches.

I believe a better system and right direction allow a coach to transform more lives with ease.

During my 3-years of working with online businesses, I’ve worked with multiple 5-figure and 6-figure business owners, including dozens of coaches, by implementing my tech + marketing knowledge.

So, “Are you ready to “kick-off” your course launch?

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