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Action Items

I’ve listed a few preparation items just before we start the call. Come as you are and however you’re comfortable. I don’t wear makeup, so anything is fine with me. xx

So Who Am I?

I’m Nusrat, a Kajabi Launch Specialist, and a Certified Master Marketer.

I help tech-tired female coaches & course creators kick off sputter + stall proof – course launch in Kajabi so that you make Benji’s even in sleep.

I want you to get rid of all the “tech overwhelm” with my shining armor and I’ll be equipping the game plan for your launches.

I believe a better system and right direction allow a coach to transform more lives with ease.

During my 3-years of working with online businesses, I’ve worked with multiple 5-figure and 6-figure business owners including dozens of coaches by implementing my tech + marketing knowledge.

So, “Are you ready to “kick-off” your course launch?

Come Ride Along With Me. 🚴‍♀️


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12 Step Course Launch Checklist

12-Step Course Launch Checklist

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